Hi! My name is Maria.

I just graduated from Whitworth University with a B.A. in Graphic DesignI am currently living

in Seattle pursuing contract design work in addition to working as a production assistant for superGraphics, LLC. I am also a self-taught photographer and videographer.

As far as my design process goes, everything starts in black and white. The high contrast it affords is a personal preference, and the simplicity allows the content to stand out without color adding subjectivity. I find that my style often clashes between modern minimalism and grunge, and I bridge this gap by using both script and sans-serif typefaces, with a combination of vector art and handmade textures. My work consists of bold, clean graphics with limited (if any) color palettes, and lots of text as a visual element. 


Though I have experience designing for social media and other digital platforms, my heart will always lie in print work. I love being able to see my designs come to life, whether it's a small handout or a large window graphic. I also feel that designs are most effective when viewers aren't given the ability to scroll past them, and are forced to interact and experience the artwork in a physical form.

© 2021 by Maria Smith.